10 Shoebox Reactions That Are Sure To Make You Smile…

11th October 2019

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1. That moment of joy when you open your shoebox gift!

Girl reacts to opening shoebox gift

2. When you get the gift you’ve always wanted…

Girl receives barbie doll in shoebox gift

3. The wonder of exploring each item in your box:

Boy pulls out toy from shoebox gift

4. When you can’t contain your joy!

Boy with hat gloves and sunglasses gives thumbs up

5. The simple smile that says it all:

Girl receives shoebox gift

6. That first look at your new treasures…

Girl peers into shoebox gift

7. When you can’t help but dance!

Girl with headband dances

8. Clapping with joy:

child claps appreciatively at shoebox content

9. A new friendship is born…

Girl smile at new doll

10. A grateful smile of thanks

Boy smiles holding shoebox gift

Pack a shoebox gift and create more great shoebox reactions this Christmas!

Learn How to Pack a Shoebox

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